Sustainable Style Program at Izzazu Salon

“I planned it to save the planet”

At Izzazu Salon, we're committed to sustainability and helping our clients contribute to a greener future. Our Sustainable Style Program is designed to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices through three key initiatives: Reuse, Refill, and Reinvent. Join us in our mission to save the planet, one stylish step at a time.


Clients can reuse their Izzazu bottles, bring in their own bottle, or purchase a stylish glass bottle from us. By reusing containers, we help minimize plastic waste and promote sustainable habits.


Our refill station offers products priced by the ounce, starting at just $3.25. This allows clients to get exactly what they need, reducing waste and encouraging thoughtful consumption.


Our talented stylists can blend products together to create a unique, customized product tailored to your specific hair needs. This innovative approach not only enhances your style but also supports our commitment to sustainability.

Join us at Izzazu Salon and become a part of our Sustainable Style Program. Together, we can make a difference for our planet while looking fabulous.

To learn more about our program, check out the Pittsburgh Today Live feature on our refill station in the video below.