We believe that knowing where and when to apply products before and after styling is the essence to recreate your salon look at home while maintaining fuller, healthier, & shinier hair.

Some key tips to shampooing, styling, and conditioning rituals is making sure that you apply shampoos and volumizers on Zone 1™- Roots.  There are so many times people cleanse the Mid and Ends of the hair better than the roots and scalp.  By focusing on Zone™1 – Roots with shampoos and volumizers before blow-drying, you are off to a great start towards your styling journey.  

However, when it comes to conditioners, the most important area to apply them is Zone 3™-Ends.  The reason why this is so crucial to know is that the hair is younger and usually healthier in Zone™ 1- Roots versus Zone™ 2 – Mids and Zone™ 3 – Ends (especially on longer hair).  By adding conditioners to Zone™1 (where the hair is healthier) you add more molecular weight to that part of the hair making it over-conditioned which then requires more doses of volumizing products to compensate for it.  By knowing your Zones ™, this tip alone will save you styling time and money since your products will last longer!
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All Izzazu Haircare Products tell you where & when to apply that specific product.
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