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101 Fowler Road,  |  Warrendale, PA 15086

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Guest Celebrity Colorist

Izzazu Downtown, Izzazu North



Celebrity Colorist Jessica Bakis devoted the past 20 years of her career as a Hair Colorist.

From her Manhattan salon roots to now Head Colorist in a leading salon in Connecticut; Jessica enjoys traveling globally working on stage as an International Platform Artist demonstrating upcoming hair color trends. Master educator and technical advisor for the color line Kaaral USA. Jessica’s passion is not only working one on one with stylists demonstrating hands on color design; but also sharing her hair color expertise with giving each client their most beautiful haircolor for their natural skin tone, eye color, and hair type. She is a master with formulation, consultation and color correction.


Tuesday Feb. 25 - Downtown

Wednesday Feb. 26 - Downtown

Thursday Feb. 27 - Warrendale

Friday Feb. 28 - Warrendale

Saturday Feb. 29 - Downtown

A note from Emilio & Gino..

Even if you already have your dream color, wouldn’t it be nice to get another opinion with Fresh Eyes from an International Platform Expert Colorist. That is why we have Jessica Bakis here this week here for you!


At Izzazu we are a team based education driven salon  that develops and houses world class image makers.  Our mission is to help every guest and client both new to the Izzazu Salon & Haircare Brand and also everyone that has been with us on this magnificent journey together for several years- look and feel amazing with their hair color, cut and hairstyle always up to date and viewed with fresh eyes each visit. 


Because we have such great artists from all over the globe teach us updated trends regularly, we thought, wouldn’t it be nice to offer clients and new guests with color problems or ideas the opportunity to meet another outside trusted expert and world class image maker like Jessica who can help your color look even better! 


We invite you to book your Complimentary Fresh Eyes Consultation today and get your dream color at 

Izzazu Salon, Spa & Blowout Bar with Jessica or one of our talented colorists this week!


Call or book online for a complimentary consultation, color or haircut appointment with Jessica!