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Izzazu’s “Long Weekend” volumizing dry shampoo is the best!  It leaves my hair feeling cleaner and fuller, even after a hard cardio workout at the gym!  I have tried other dry shampoos, but one left a film of white powder on my hair and another made my hair knotty and full of static.  I don’t have these problems with the Izzazu product.  These other products were even more expensive!  I highly recommend Long Weekend on those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, or for when you leave the gym after working out!  Thanks Izzazu for providing great products!Mary Lynn Gahr
I ALWAYS have a great experience at Izzazu.  Gino has been doing my hair for several years. I am always treated with so much respect and they treat me like family.  Izzazu has an amazing staff beginning when you walk through the doors. Joyce, Cortney, etc. are always there to greet me making me 100% comfortable.  Thank You Izzazu! 10 stars in my book! Best Salon in Downtown Pittsburgh! Not to mention the cabinet filled with Izzazu products. They are never a disappointment. As always looking forward to my next appointment and catching up with the Izzazu crew.Roxanne Varhola
I have been intending to do this for some time and well…….we know how time gets away from us. In any event, I would like to give VERY rave reviews to Izzazu’s “Invigorating Scalp Therapy” shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment. They are truly amazing products! I know this because I have tried so many other remedies (including prescriptions) for my scalp problems that developed shortly after I began menopause (not politically correct perhaps, but sadly true). I first went to a dermatology clinic at UPMC almost 3 years ago. Dermatologists are known somewhat for not diagnosing a problem so much as treating it with various creams, topical solutions & mysterious “special blends” of anti-fungals, steroids & zinc oxide - none of which worked for me – until they find one that works. Only one helped but it was a very strong topical steroid solution which should never be used on a regular basis. Steroids can have detrimental side effects. All they could me was that I did not have psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff or eczema. Beyond that I was on my own. I tried every over-the-counter shampoo known to God & man to no avail. My personal belief continued to be that it was hormone-related since I never had any such problems prior to menopause (there’s that word again). Since I was on HRT for about a year one might think that would have helped but one would be wrong. Against my better judgment I was getting ready to make another appointment with the dermatologist to get another Rx for the steroid solution. I could barely stand how dry and gravel-like my scalp felt most of the time. Then I tried IZ’s “scalp therapy” products.They immediately felt different on my scalp and while it didn’t happen immediately…..COMPLETELY cleared up the problem I was having. It took about 6 months but I kept at it because, if nothing else, they felt good. Then I realized to my amazement that my scalp ‘condition’ – whatever the heck it was – was gone!!! I do continue to use all 3 products once or twice a week but I am cured and delighted to share my story with anyone who might be going through the same thing. The products are downright cheap compared to having to buy multiple shampoos and/or pay for prescriptions medications that don’t work anyway, but whatever the cost they are worth every dime and you will not be sorry. Woo-hoo and THANK YOU, Izzazu!!Peggy