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Now you can enjoy The Skin Centers most popular non-surgical medical spa treatments right here at Izzazu on 5th Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh.  Treatments including wrinkle relaxing Botox® Cosmetic, or injectable wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers like Juvederm and Belotero are more convenient than ever and are accessible to those who live and work in the city.

Medical spa treatments are performed on-site in a private suite by Skin Center expert injector Debbie Thompson, RN.  Debbie’s goal is to consistently deliver the results you want, but with the natural-looking results you desire.

Ranked as the #1 Medical Spa in Pennsylvania and #4 in the country, by Allergan Inc. (the makers of Botox), The Skin Center Medical Spa is the largest and most experienced provider of Botox in Pittsburgh.  Grounded in the philosophy that beauty is ageless and youth is a state of mind, The Skin Center is committed to improving their clients’ enjoyment of life by offering only the most advanced, clinically proven non-invasive laser treatments and clinically proven anti-aging skin treatments.  To learn more about The Skin Center, visit


Botox Cosmetic

Botox® is the most performed and popular med spa treatment at The Skin Center, and for good reason. When injected properly and by a highly skilled injector, Botox subtly eliminates wrinkles, frown lines and furrows while allowing you to retain natural and expressive facial movement.  Botox eliminates:

Dermal Fillers

Over time, the effects of aging can take a toll on our appearance.  Dermal Fillers are the perfect treatment to restore volume and fullness to the face, plump deeper facial lines and folds and can provide contouring and definition to the face.  At the Skin Center we offer various treatment and product options including many facial fillers including Juvederm XC, Belotero & Radiesse, Voluma, Restylane and many more—each offering unique benefits and delivering natural, beautiful results.  Dermal fillers deliver:


All treatments listed are available at Izzazu, by appointment, every other Thursday.

There are many easy ways to book an appointment or consultation…
1.  Ask your stylist or speak to one of our receptionists
2.  Stop by and schedule with Maura or Debbie (Thursdays)
3.  Use the Express Center phone located in the lower lobby of Izzazu and book today!
4.  Or call 412-429-1151 and book with a Skin Center representative
5.  Visit to schedule a complimentary consultation

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